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Spirituality became converted into psychotherapy. How does one manage an emotion? How does one manage the dissipated energy? How does one manage an anger, frustration, depression and at the same time, how does one develop the positive qualities which are dormant within?

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This form of psychotherapy is time tested. It is our firm belief that Spirituo-psychotherapy or counseling is much more effective than the Freudian, Jungian or modern psychotherapy. Sometimes question arises as to how a spiritual tradition accepts different levels of mind, such as conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind. We try to understand these different levels of mind, because the idea of having very subtle components within our mind is very fascinating.

So, Psychology and Psychotherapy have made small inroads into the sub-conscious and the unconscious mind, mainly for therapeutic purposes, whereas spiritual system has gone far beyond the stage of psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, discovering the experience and the functioning of the different levels of consciousness, they lead to the highest level or the experience of the total mind, which is unknown as far as medical science is concerned.

Spirituo-Psycho Counselling is an interpersonal, relational intervention used to aid individuals in handling problems of daily living. Spirituo-Psycho Counselling assists the individuals in reaching their full potential and to cope better with problems of life. It is also aimed at reducing distress or anxiety and equipping the individual in finding solutions to ones own issues, concerns, questions or problems.

Spirituo-Psycho Counselling helps the individual to seek answers to all the questions related to LIFE what, why, when, where, how. It demands the individual to go within and search for the answers. In other words, Spirituo-Psycho Counselling brings an individual closer to one own self and makes the connection with the soul. Spirituo-Psycho Counselling stimulates the process of living life as LIFE IS LIFE.

Life isn’t what you think
… or what I think
… or what ever it might be.
Life is … Life

Spirituo-Psycho Counselling makes the individual independent and self-reliant by working at the level of thoughts, feelings and actions. It helps in making ones thoughts; feelings and actions fall in one line bring out the congruency amongst the three

Spirituo-Psycho Counselling aims at

  • Finding causes & equipping people to handle stress & anxiety better.
  • Changing maladaptive patterns of behavior.
  • Improving the quality of interpersonal relationships & interaction abilities.
  • Modifying false interpretations & beliefs.
  • Understanding & resolving conflicts arising from expectations from self as well as others.
  • Reducing the damaging impact of emotional reactions.
  • Equipping in problem-solving & resolving crisis.

Spirituo-Psycho Counselling is often misunderstood with counseling. But it is not counseling as it focuses on the modification, reorientation of the client from within. Its approach is purely therapeutic in nature. It includes techniques to increase awareness; to enable other choices of thought; feelings and actions; to increase the sense of well-being and to better manage subjective discomfort or distress.

Spirituo-Psycho Counselling works by total acceptance of the client and is based on the four pillars namely, confidentiality, maintaining boundaries, non-directive and non-judgmental. It is not a cut, copy, paste method. Each individual is unique in its own way and Spirituo-Psycho Counselling respects it. It is a process, where the therapist introduces certain psychological interventions in the relationship – making the relationship different from other relationships. These interventions are deliberately planned and are introduced after ascertaining the readiness of the client. The therapist uses his knowledge of psychological theories to structure interventions. These interventions bring about change in the cognition, emotion and action of the client. The therapist facilitates the process of change in the desired direction.

Spirituo-Psycho Counselling is indeed a subject of science, or specialization but it belongs to all of us and relates to our everyday life. Just as we keep CA, Lawyer for our business matters. A therapist is our specialized consultant for our behavorial, informational, personal matters. He/she is somebody who is experienced enough, qualified enough to understand us (keeping his own personal feelings aside), and give us a PERSPECTIVE, an IDEA, a FRESH THOUGHT to drive us up towards your goals.

A COUNSELOR is your mind and time,
A THERAPIST is your guide and support.

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Meditation is for self-growth, and self-growth is the priority !
- Master Shivachittam ( Founder & CEO )

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