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The most important resource of any organization is the Human Capital. The productivity and quality of work output of this human resource determines the profit margins to a large extent.

The health and wellness of this human resource is a key precursor to the above outcome.

As we are aware today increase in non-communicable disease also called lifestyle disease, reduced wellness, increased health risks , owing to changes in lifestyle and environment and also fallouts of modernization have reached epidemic and pandemic proportions.

Our workforce or human capital is part of the same social fabric and faces same risks. In fact if we look at 10-20 years back and compare health status of young workforce we find decline in quality of health. This has an impact on output through absenteeism, impaired prenteeism, as well as increased health care costs.

Although healthcare coverage like ESI, Medical Insurance etc are in place, they hardly cater to prevention of disease or reduction of risks, not to mention health promotion.

Executive health checks are provided but do not help in finding long term sustainable solutions to health issues.

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Accept life the way it comes.
- Master Shivachittam ( Founder & CEO )