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Naturopathy or Nature Cure is scientific, economical and most beneficial to suffering humanity.

Nature Cure always adopts natural methods of treatment. It takes recourse to Nature’s agencies such as baths, sunlight, rest, exercise, enema, fasting, pure air, massage, careful, judicious and right dieting, etc.

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Naturopathy is as old as the Vedas or the Himalayas. It is the oldest of all systems of health and healing. Hippocrates who lived four centuries before Christ (460-377 B.C.) was a staunch advocate of Naturopathy. He obtained his incomparable results and fame through sunlight, pure air, water, exercise, rest, right diet, baths and massage. He was the father of Naturopathy.

Let’s go back to nature. Do not waste your time, energy and money in injections, pills and mixtures. Rules of nature are simple. Her medicine is abundant and pleasant to take. Her fee is nothing. Lead a simple, natural life. Observe the laws of health and hygiene. Observe the cleanliness. You will be free from diseases and enjoy a high standard of health, vitality and longevity.

A central belief in naturopathy is that nature has a healing power. Another belief is that living organisms (including the human body) have the power to maintain (or return to) a state of balance and health, and to heal themselves. Practitioners of naturopathy prefer to use treatment approaches that they consider to be the most natural and least invasive, instead of using drugs and more invasive procedures.

Impurities and toxins accumulate in the system on account of overfeeding, wrong feeding, injudicious feeding and errors in diet. If these impurities and toxins are eliminated from the system, all diseases are cured and man enjoys perfect health. This is the central doctrine of naturopathy. The sun cure, water cure, air cure, diet cure and fasts – all aim at getting rid of the impurities and the poisons from the system, and ensuring perfect health, strength and vitality.

Health and Nature Cure

Health is a boon to man. Health is a blessing to him. If you lose your health, where is enjoyment in your life?

Modern methods of living, high strain on the mind, unhealthy habits, unscientific food and clothing, have all contributed to the breaking down of the natural resistance and defense.

The state of health implies much more than freedom from disease. Good health is the attainment and maintenance of the highest state of mental and bodily vigour.

Disease is lack of ease. If all organs perform their functions well and naturally, when there is a feeling of ease or comfort, it is said that one is healthy. When the sense of comfort vanishes, it is said that one has got disease.

The main aim of Nature Cure is to prevent disease. It teaches the principles by which one can maintain good health and efficiency to a ripe old age. The Nature Cure methods have great combative values but its greatest value lies in preventive methods. It teaches how to protect the body from the inroads of diseases and in case if you get disease how to get rid of it.

Fundamental Principles of Nature Cure

All diseases are same, their causes are same and their treatment is same.

  • Germs do not cause disease.
  • Every acute disease is the result of a purifying and healing effort of Nature.
  • Nature herself heals all diseases.
  • Treatment is not of a particular disease but of the entire body of the patient.
  • It’s a myth that it takes time to cure chronic ailments.
  • Suppressed diseases come to surface through nature cure and removed permanently.
  • Simultaneous treatment of body, mind and soul.

What Practitioners Do in Treating Patients

A first visit to a naturopathic practitioner is usually an extended appointment. The practitioner will interview the patient at length about his health history, reasons for the visit, and lifestyle (such as diet, stress, alcohol and tobacco use, sleep, and exercise). The practitioner may perform examinations and, if in her scope of practice, order diagnostic and screening tests. Toward the end of the appointment, a management plan is set up to address the patient’s general health and problems with illness. Referrals to other health care providers may be made, if appropriate. Practitioners may deliver some naturopathic treatments in their offices, such as hydrotherapy or manipulation. Examples of additional treatments are

  • Fasting
  • Dietary changes (for example, eating more whole and unprocessed foods)
  • Vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements
  • Herbal medicine
  • Counseling and education on lifestyle changes
  • Hydrotherapy (for example, applying hot water, then cold water, Enema)
  • Manual and body-based therapies such as manipulation, mobilization and massage
  • Exercise therapy
  • Mind-body therapies such as yoga and meditation.
  • Rest and Relaxation

Meditation is not only a practice, it's is an attitude to be more and more aware of everything we perform! Don't delay anything for tomorrow! Do it now !!
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