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The practices of yoga promote optimum health of body and mind,unifying mother’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth with that of her child.

Yoga helps you relax, which in turn can help you adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood. It calms both mind and body, providing the physical and emotional stress relief your body needs throughout the experience of pregnancy. Practicing yoga before and during pregnancy increases the chances of natural childbirth. Yoga helps develop reproductive system and pelvis such that it supports natural child birth. The yoga poses help the muscles to become more reflexive. It helps to tone the body muscles in a way that natural child birth is possible. Natural child birth is difficult as the human body is not flexible enough before performing regular exercise and yoga. Yoga enables to get a flexible body which can adjust to changes in the body during pregnancy.

Every pregnant woman desires pain-free delivery. Most women experience fear of pregnancy which further increases problems. Yoga is a beneficial way to overcome pain as well fear of pregnancy.

Yoga can be practiced Yoga at all stages of pregnancy including conception.

Contemplating Conception:

The regular practice of yoga before conception is the ideal preparation for pregnancy.

  • The practice of asanas will provide flexibility and suppleness to the mother-to-be.
  • Pranayama ensures that she is charged with energy, the prana/vitality enough for two.
  • Meditation promotes the calmness, peace, serenity, removes fear and makes you confident.

Preparatory Practices:

For successful pregnancy and delivery emphasis should be placed on the development of the following areas:

Stomach Muscles: Abdominal strength will ensure that the baby is carried well, assisting proper development of foetus. During delivery these muscles are most important in pushing the child from the womb. Most important practices for this area are suptavajrasana, shashankasana, ushtrasana, hamsasana, matsyasanaand shakti bandha series.

Spine: A strong healthy spine is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and general flexibility. A strong spine will prevent the droopingshoulders often developed during pregnancy because of the extra weight being carried. Most important practices are suptavajrasana, vyaghrasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, paschimottanasana, bhujangasana and suryanamaskara.

Back Muscles: Extra weight of the child puts a great strain on the back muscles, and added strength in this area is a great advantage. bhujangasana, paschimottanasana, halasana, sarvangasana, shashankasanaand suptavajrasana are very beneficial.

Pelvis: A relaxed flexible pelvic area makes for easy child birth. marjariasana, shashankasna, vyaghrasana, matsyasana, all squatting poses,siddhyoniasana and other crossed legged poses are most useful in this respect.

Pre-natal Yoga

Yoga helps deal with pain during delivery. The breathing exercise performed during yoga strengthens the body to cope with labour pain. Marjariasana which is also known as cat pose is very effective pose during pregnancy. This pose is good for proper circulation and digestion. It is also minimises pressure on the lower back. It is helpful for the favourable movement of baby in the womb.

Yoga during pregnancy should be practiced under the guidance of a teacher.


First Trimester (First to third month): During the first three months of pregnancy, the program of preparatory asanas may be continued as usual, but some adjustment will be required after this time.

Second Trimester (Fourth to sixth month):

Stop: 1. Strenuous upward stretching;
2. Violent stomach contraction;
3. Practices on the abdomen like, sarpasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana etc.
4. sirsasana and sarvangasana.

Add: 1. Pranamasana and jalandharbandha;
2. Standing snake, cobra and standing locust pose.

Third Trimester (Sixth month to delivery):

  • From the sixth month both forward bending asanas (like paschimottanasa) and extreme backward bending asanas (ushtrasana) become increasingly different, can be modified and practiced.
  • Suptavajrasana and squatting asana are to be avoided from this time if there is any tendency to premature delivery or to prolapse.
  • The pawanmuktasana series is used at this time - muscles and joints are thoroughly exercised in a way that ensures maximum flexibility and optimum blood circulation with a minimum of energy expenditure.
  • Squatting postures should be continued for loosening the hips and toningthe pelvic floor - crow walking, chopping wood.
  • Namaskarasana, may be continued through pregnancy along with marjariasana, kandharasana and pranamasana.
  • Sitting in cross legged asanas is recommended throughout, these will avoid circulation problems in the legs and swelling of the ankles that frequently develops inlater pregnancy.
  • In the final months sitting cross legged helps to reduce the natural sensation of body heaviness.

Pranayamas – very important

  • Ensures efficient removal of waste products.
  • Ensures plentiful supply of oxygen for both mother and child.
  • Purifies and calms the nervous system. Shashtras(spiritual texts) tells us that during the first 3 months the developing child has no pranic supply of its own. Duringthis time the baby is completely dependent on the prana of its mothers, so plenty of pranayama should be practiced.
  • Yogic breathing, sheetali, seetkari, kapalbhati, bhastrika, nadishodhana, twice a day.


Flexible meditation technique - 20 minutes to 1 hour. Shavasana, if not suitable than matsyakridasana, supported by a cushion.

Spiritual Nourishment:

Health and mental attitude of the mother are reflected in the development of the child. Illness and nervous tension in their mothers definitely have an adverse effect on babies, before as well as after birth.
In this regard, yogic relaxation and meditation practices are most important because of the many subtle changes in the body, pregnancy can be a time of emotional vulnerability for many women, with cravings for strange foods, intense dreams, sudden depressions, or fears without reason, they disturb the harmony of the body.

  • Yogic relaxation techniques can be used to minimize emotional stress and create a harmonious environment for the coming child.
  • When a mother practices mantra japa (repetition of a mantra), she is adding another dimension to the baby’s sensitivity to sound – a spiritual dimensions that will evoke a resonance at the very core of the child’s consciousness, mantra japa and dhyana allow a woman to enter the depth of her being where her consciousness merges with and may exert an influence on the consciousness of the growing child.

Post-natal Yoga

Yoga also provides lots of post-delivery benefits. It helps to maintain a proper body shape post-pregnancy. It strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles post-pregnancy. The post-delivery yoga also helps to maintain a proper body weight.

Postnatal Depression (Postpartum): It is usually attributed to hormonal imbalance after delivery in such cases it is alleviated or overcome by a regular practice of asanas and mediation.

Resume Yoga Soon: Women who have been practicing yoga regularly find that their recuperation after delivery is surprisingly rapid and their susceptibility to the ‘baby blues’ is minimized.
Within a day or two after delivery, yogic breathing and nadi shodhana pranayama can be recommenced even in bed.
If there is no complication the PM-I can also be resumed. Moolabandha is also valuable at this time to re-establish muscle tone in the pelvic floor. After 2 weeks the new mother can safely resume all the asanas she had practiced before pregnancy, should be gradual in beginning commencing with PM-II & III group of asanas, later resuming the classical asanas at the rate of one or two a week.


We customize yoga programs for all 3 trimester of pregnancy which can be from 60 minutes to 90 minutes daily.

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Learning from you has been an experience of a life time. Human beings forget in there busy life to mantain a balance which through Yoga can only be achieved . Peace , good health, mental strength and balance can only be achieved through Yoga. You have a excellent way to teach and understand every individual needs. Thanks for the 5 days and keep up the good work. God Bless.

Jeev Milkha Singh (Professional Golfer)

Daily yoga and meditation is the single most powerful and authentic practice in my life. Through it , I have discovered my true nature, my spirit fire and it has change everything and its change my life. Many many thanks to my yoga guru Shivachittam…

Dipika Upadhyay (London)

Besides being a peaceful, gentle and mindful yogi, Shivachittam has 25 years of experience in working with mental and bodily health for thousands of individuals and is a qualified yoga teacher as well as psychoanalyst. He is a joy to know and to love. The yoga practices he teaches can be of enormous help for those seeking more than just exercises.

Harsh Lohit

I got COVID positive in April 1st week .. now I am fine but post covid I had lunges pain and uneasy ness . and I am doing breathing asanas what you send that video ... my pain has gone it’s really giving pranic energy and great healing ... I am not telling thank you it’s more than that

Shobhana Khandelwal (Bangalore)

Between the time I started yoga two months ago and now ,I’m observing positive changes.I have diabetes ,high blood pressure and other smaller issues.Physically ,I’m feeling better,sugar levels are improving and am sleeping better. In mind- I’m calmer . The asanas are ,of course ,very good for the body,to my surprise what I’m really enjoying is the meditation.There is a sense of well being that it brings.

Cora Suri (New Delhi)

Before I met Shivchittam I had many issues. I had severe pain in my lower back. The pain was so bad that my hands would have a very bad tingling feeling all day. I was not able to work. I also had a severe ache in my upper back. I also had sinus issues and would get severe headaches. I tried everything be it physiotherapy, massages, regular exercises even yoga, but nothing worked. However, when I started with shivchittam I started feeling better after a week. The way he combines meditation yoga and science is very unique. Ita been almost a year practising with him and my pain and the tingling sensation has gone away. My sinus is much better. My back is very strong now. I highly recommend attending his yoga classes to get rid of any pain in your body.

Pranav Goel (Gurgaon)

Chief Manager Intec Capital

मेरा नाम प्रियंका राय हैं। मुझे 2012पीठ में दर्द चालू हो गया था। दर्द रहते रहते 2013 में स्पाइनल इंजीरी हॉस्पिटल मैक्स, वसंत कुंज, दिल्ली में डॉक्टर को दिखाया, 6 महीने तक गोली खाते रहे दर्द में आराम नही मिला। डॉक्टर ने सर्जरी का बोला, दर्द बापिस आ सकता है इसकी कोई गारंटी नही है।

फिर मेरे हसबेंड ने फेसबुक में योगा का पेज देखा तो हम लोग शिवचित्तम सर के पास गयी। मेरी कमर पूरी तरह से झुक गयी थी और चलने में असहनीय पीड़ा होती थी। रहना मुश्किल हो गया था, फिर मैने योगा क्लास शुरू किया। करने में तकलीफ होती थी दिन में तीन बार योगा करती थी। मैं ऑपरेशन नही करवाना नहीं चाहती थी। 6 महीने में स्लिप डिस्क पूरी तरह ठीक हो गया।

शिवा भैया नही मिलते तो शायद ठीक नहीं हो पाती। आज मैं पूरी तरह से ठीक हूँ, आज भी मैंने योगा करना नहीं छोड़ा। जैसे मैं आज ठीक हूं, आप भी ठीक हो सकते हैं।

Priyanka Rai (Indore)

हरिओम ,
आज का प्रात:कालीन सत्र पुरा हुआ । अब तो यह योग अभ्यास का असर स्वभाव मे आ जाने के कारण प्रात: स्वभाविक रूप मे हम योग स्थान पर पहुंचकर यह अभ्यास करते है और उसके दिव्य अनुभूति को महसुस करते है ।

प्रतिदिन के सुबह-शाम के इस अभ्यास से शरीर के साथ साथ मन भी अनुशासित हो रहा है , मन के भटकाव की जगह एक शांति का दिव्य अनुभव का अहसास हो रहा है ।

आपका आभार !

प्रभात रंजन

Yes! Of course....very powerful and peaceful session!
I joined this session from day 1 and now it became habit and automatically sharp at 9 PM I finish all work and get into this session and feel so calm after this feel like god is with us & thank you from bottom of my heart for this wonderful session from Day 1 & your kind blessings to all of us....😊🙏

Ram Bangalore

Electrical Engineer (Bangalore)

Shiv ji is a teacher who is totally committed to his students growth and well being through yoga. His calm demeanour, his knowledge and wisdom make it easy to trust him and follow his advise.

I've had various health issues/injuries and I know I am in safe hands with him and he is always conscious of what will help or hinder.

His teaching includes a well balanced class of yoga exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation.

For me the combination of mind, body and spirit well being is what I what from my yoga practise and Shiv ii is, in my opinion, the perfect teacher for this.

I haven't come across anyone like him in the UK.

I'm definitely not a technophile but I am very grateful that today's technology has made it possible for me to continue my practice with Shiv ji.

Fiona Hedger-Gourlay

Choir Director (Scotland)

It way the best session for me.
1. Firstly, I have started waking up for Yoga even before my alarm rings.
Always 2 minutes before it rings.

2. Did everything, including bath and was still ready for class before time. In summer time 6.25 is not at all early.

3. Realised that there is so much more to learn after the beautiful introduction to various Yogas. 4. Why didn't I start 15 yearsi earlier ?

Sanjay Soni (New Delhi)

Thank you!
Your sessions are always beneficial to me! I appreciate your care, time, effort and energy that goes into each session. You are truly a giving person. May your service bring you an abundance of blessings.

Oooweedeh Razov
New York