Yoga Retreats

A yoga retreat is a withdrawal to focus on the practice of yoga. Yoga retreats are temporary breaks from the daily routine that typically last from the weekend to a week or more. It is a disengagement from the hectic and monotonous life. The purpose of a retreat is to allow practitioners to deepen their yoga and spiritual practice without the distractions of life.

It lets you embark on a wellness journey that aims at the holistic upliftment of the body, mind, and soul through yogic tools and techniques. Our yoga retreat offers a combination of yoga and meditation practice and wholesome foods that complement the yogic lifestyle. Yoga retreats aim at inculcating healthy habits in terms of food and other lifestyle choices.

You can learn yoga postures, asanas,pranayamas, and meditation techniques from highly learned and experienced yoga masters. The retreat offers a different perspective on life. It helps you understand yourself spiritually and develop a holistic outlook on life and your surroundings.

The retreat refreshes you, detoxifies you, cleanses you, and nourishes you inside out.You can enjoy vegetarian food every day and would have plenty of free time for self-reflection.

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Program Highlights:

Participants in our yoga retreats will learn a wide variety of classical Hatha yogic practices, including:

  • Yoga Asana (Yoga postures)
  • Pranayama (Breathingpractices)
  • Mudras (Psychic gestures)
  • Bandhas (Psychic locks)
  • Concentration and Meditationpractices
  • Yoga Nidra (Deep relaxation techniques)
  • Mantras (Sanskrit Chants)
  • Havan (Sacred fire rituals),
  • Yoga philosophy.

The traditional yogic cleansing will also be introduced including:

  • Jala net (nasal passage cleansing)
  • Vaman dhauti (stomach &esophagus cleansing)
  • Laghooshankhaprakshalana (intestinal cleansing)
  • Trataka(Candle flame gazing)