• Madhur Bhargava

    No words can ever express my gratitude to you for helping me to get back to good health so I could continue my Sadhna.

  • Nilofer
    Laburnum, Gurgaon

    Among all the reasons why I love living in laburnum , a major one is my Yoga class! Conducted by Shivachittam , an exponent of the Bihar school of yoga, these classes are held three mornings a week. We practise asanas, stretches, joint exercises , pranayama , yoganidra and meditation. Additionally he customises a programme for anyone with a specific requirement within the group. Over the years our group has benefitted tremendously from shivchittam’s wide experience and knowledge of yoga and holistic healing.

  • Swapna Soni (Delhi)

    Your mastery, passion and commitment is so inspiring.

    Grateful that you take care of each of your student and give us so much more than just the asanas.

    We can see a change in our levels of self awareness and mindfulness.
    The sessions are impacting not just the physical body but the entire life style.
    There are times when the body still hurts and I get in the class with pain but with the session it gets better.

    Thank you so much

  • Hridesh Gupta (London UK)

    Nice session again.....

    Today I had altogether different experience and fell asleep for some time in yoga nidra during count of 21 and lost for a while then brought awareness back and followed the instructions. Same happened when visualising the garden and flowers and lost in movie

  • Muralidhar (London UK)

    Excellent session. Thanks Shiva for such a wonderful session.I felt lot of difference in my body and it's more relaxed and lighter than before.
    Thank you once again!

  • Oooweedeh Razov
    New York (UOooweedeh RazovS)

    Thank you! 

    Your sessions are always beneficial to me! 
    I appreciate your care, time, effort and energy that goes into each session. 
    You are truly a giving person. May your service bring you an abundance of blessings.

  • Sanjay Soni (New Delhi)

    It way the best session for me.

    1. Firstly, I have started waking up for Yoga even before my alarm rings.
    Always 2 minutes before it rings.

    2. Did everything, including bath and was still ready for class before time. In summer time 6.25 is not at all early.

    3. Realised that there is so much more to learn after the beautiful introduction to various Yogas. 4. Why didn't I start 15 yearsi earlier ?

    Sanjay Soni (New Delhi)

  • Choir Director (Scotland)
    Fiona Hedger-Gourlay
    Choir Director (Scotland)

    Shiv ji is a teacher who is totally committed to his students growth and well being through yoga. His calm demeanour, his knowledge and wisdom make it easy to trust him and follow his advise. I've had various health issues/injuries and I know I am in safe hands with him and he is always conscious of what will help or hinder. His teaching includes a well balanced class of yoga exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. For me the combination of mind, body and spirit well being is what I what from my yoga practise and Shiv ii is, in my opinion, the perfect teacher for this. I haven't come across anyone like him in the UK. I'm definitely not a technophile but I am very grateful that today's technology has made it possible for me to continue my practice with Shiv ji.

  • Electrical Engineer (Bangalore)
    Ram Bangalore
    Electrical Engineer (Bangalore)

    Yes! Of course....very powerful and peaceful session! I

    joined this session from day 1 and now it became habit and automatically sharp at 9 PM I finish all work and get into this session and feel so calm after this .....it feel like god is with us & thank you from bottom of my heart for this wonderful session from Day 1 & your kind blessings to all of us....

  • Prabhat Ranjan
    Prabhat Ranjan

    हरिओम ,

    आज का प्रात:कालीन सत्र पुरा हुआ । अब तो यह योग अभ्यास का असर स्वभाव मे आ जाने के कारण प्रात: स्वभाविक रूप मे हम योग स्थान पर पहुंचकर यह अभ्यास करते है और उसके दिव्य अनुभूति को महसुस करते है । प्रतिदिन के सुबह-शाम के इस अभ्यास से शरीर के साथ साथ मन भी अनुशासित हो रहा है , मन के भटकाव की जगह एक शांति का दिव्य अनुभव का अहसास हो रहा है ।

    आपका आभार ! सादर

  • Pranav Goel (Gurgaon)
    Pranav Goel (Gurgaon)
    Chief Manager Intec Capital

    Before I met Shivchittam I had many issues. I had severe pain in my lower back. The pain was so bad that my hands would have a very bad tingling feeling all day. I was not able to work. I also had a severe ache in my upper back. I also had sinus issues and would get severe headaches. I tried everything be it physiotherapy, massages, regular exercises even yoga, but nothing worked. However, when I started with shivchittam I started feeling better after a week. The way he combines meditation yoga and science is very unique. Ita been almost a year practising with him and my pain and the tingling sensation has gone away. My sinus is much better. My back is very strong now. I highly recommend attending his yoga classes to get rid of any pain in your body.

  • Client
    Shobhana Khandelwal (Bangalore)

    I got COVID positive in April 1st week .. now I am fine but post covid I had lunges pain and uneasy ness . and I am doing breathing asanas what you send that video ... my pain has gone it’s really giving pranic energy and great healing ... I am not telling thank you it’s more than that.

  • Harsh Lohit
    Harsh Lohit
    Harsh Lohit

    Besides being a peaceful, gentle and mindful yogi, Shivachittam has 25 years of experience in working with mental and bodily health for thousands of individuals and is a qualified yoga teacher as well as psychoanalyst. He is a joy to know and to love. The yoga practices he teaches can be of enormous help for those seeking more than just exercises.

  • Dipika Upadhyay
    Dipika Upadhyay (London)

    Daily yoga and meditation is the single most powerful and authentic practice in my life. Through it , I have discovered my true nature, my spirit fire and it has change everything and its change my life. Many many thanks to my yoga guru Shivachittam…

  • Jeev Milkha Singh
    Jeev Milkha Singh
    Professional Golfer

    Learning from you has been an experience of a life time. Human beings forget in there busy life to mantain a balance which through Yoga can only be achieved . Peace , good health, mental strength and balance can only be achieved through Yoga. You have a excellent way to teach and understand every individual needs. Thanks for the 5 days and keep up the good work. God Bless.                                    

  • Cora Suri (New Delhi)

    Between the time I started yoga two months ago and now ,I’m observing positive changes.I have diabetes ,high blood pressure and other smaller issues.Physically ,I’m feeling better,sugar levels are improving and am sleeping better. In mind- I’m calmer . The asanas are ,of course ,very good for the body,to my surprise what I’m really enjoying is the meditation.There is a sense of well being that it brings.

  • Priyanka Rai (Indore)

    मेरा नाम प्रियंका राय हैं। मुझे 2012पीठ में दर्द चालू हो गया था। दर्द रहते रहते 2013 में स्पाइनल इंजीरी हॉस्पिटल मैक्स, वसंत कुंज, दिल्ली में डॉक्टर को दिखाया, 6 महीने तक गोली खाते रहे दर्द में आराम नही मिला। डॉक्टर ने सर्जरी का बोला, दर्द बापिस आ सकता है इसकी कोई गारंटी नही है।

    फिर मेरे हसबेंड ने फेसबुक में योगा का पेज देखा तो हम लोग शिवचित्तम सर के पास गयी। मेरी कमर पूरी तरह से झुक गयी थी और चलने में असहनीय पीड़ा होती थी। रहना मुश्किल हो गया था, फिर मैने योगा क्लास शुरू किया। करने में तकलीफ होती थी दिन में तीन बार योगा करती थी। मैं ऑपरेशन नही करवाना नहीं चाहती थी। 6 महीने में स्लिप डिस्क पूरी तरह ठीक हो गया।

    शिवा भैया नही मिलते तो शायद ठीक नहीं हो पाती। आज मैं पूरी तरह से ठीक हूँ, आज भी मैंने योगा करना नहीं छोड़ा। जैसे मैं आज ठीक हूं, आप भी ठीक हो सकते हैं।

  • Prema (London UK)

    Lovely session and I had a beautiful feelings during and after the session. The stretching is a great start before I began the session. It releases the tension around my shoulder and neck. I was keep smiling and feeling happy throughout the imagination of the garden, lotus flowers and the ducks. This week there are days I did 3 times, someday only twice and once. I will try to be consistent and make it a routine this coming week. Thank you so much for the amazing session, Shiv

  • Megha Kakkar (London UK)

    Thanks a lot for the amazing session. I had slipped into a deep relaxation state at 15 while on the count. Don't know what that means. Started again after a few seconds but couldn't reach one. What is the correct process? Also I felt cold not to the point that I was shivering but considerably cold and then slight warmth. The thoughts were so much in control. There was no disturbance, was fully indulged in the relaxed state. Thanks for the guidance

  • Geetha (London UK)

    It was an excellent session.. Thanking you deeply... Felt a sense of calmness, could feel the wet grass, water droplets in flowers, lemon drink...breath gradually became slower...

  • Vineet (London UK)

    It was very good feeling, felt very light, felt like floating , felt like merging in floor. Felt the drag of morning , felt grass and wetness. Entire body was energised. This first time I had practiced. I was not having any thought coming in mind. Was able to feel my breath, heart beat. Silence and relaxation was felt. It was happy and enjoy feeling of mind and body. Thank you so much. I stay focused and again felt blissful. It was trance of tranquility and peacefulness.

  • Rhian (Scotland)

    I feel quieter, less rushed and calmer after the session compared with before it, despite having lots of noise distractions outside my room and dog barking. My body is more relaxed and comfortable this week though still find sitting cross legged on the floor difficult so may go back to using a chair. I’ve been practicing 1 or 2 times per day but never managed to make time for 3 times yet.

  • Lynn Holdhusen & Catriona Macleod
    Laburnum Yoga Group Sushant Lok-I, Gurgaon

    A group of us have been taking a yoga class with Shivachittam from thebeginning of the last year. For those of you looking for a true yoga experience with a master, Shivachittam is your answer! Through his guidance each individual learns at their own pace. The members of the current class have each been able to improve their flexibility, their strength, and their breathing through his teaching. Shivachittam is a very focused and patient teacher, encouraging all members of the class to achieve the physical postures and proper breathing techniques correctly and at their own pace.

  • Kizie

    This is not the new fangled strenuous yoga , but a gradual build up of strength, flexibility and an awareness of your own body . For me, the yoga classes under Shiv’s guidance is a complete package – starting off with preparing the body, then with balance , postures ,surya namaskar , pranayama and finally relaxation. All the while it emphasises on the breath and awareness of the postures. In every class you stretch a bit more, push yourself a bit more , hold a little longer, and in time, steadily you feel focussed, in tune with your body , and your self.

  • SKP Singh
    Senior Divisional Retail Sales Manager Indian Oil Corporation Limited,IBP Bhavan Vibhutikhand Lucknow-226010

    I had really drawn lot of renewed energy when I talked to you today over phone. I would like to inform you once again that my life has changed completely after the last Threshold programme, the best part of which was more than one hour daily YOGA session under your able guidance. I acquired a lot of skills in practicing different yogasanas and pranayams. After returning from IIPM Gurgaon I have been regularly following yogasanas, pranayams and NETI. This has become part of my daily life now. I am thankful to God and you for giving me such a beautiful opportunity to learn Yoga under your able guidance for more than a month. You will be further happy to know that I have started teaching these yoga/pranayamas practice to my children too. They are also taking lots of interest. I would like to keep in touch with you regularly……. Hari Om

  • Sunny Purba
    DJ/Music Composer Pune

    I am Suffering from L4-L5 disc bulging problem from last 8 months! Today I had my first live session with my yoga guru Shivachittam! It was relaxing.I can already feel a bit of flexibility in my body and I’m feeling uplifted spiritually! It was a fabulous session! Thank you Sir!

  • Sarbari Saha

    I had severe cervical spondylitis and lower back pain and discomfort which would go down the leg. My neck and shoulder were quite stiff and pain would go to the arms and head as well. Thanks to Shiva , now my pain has been reduced drastically and now I know how to maintain the good posture.