Personalized Diet and Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

Food is one of the basic need and fundamental instinct that the body needs it for the nourishment.
It is rightly said that food is a medicine; improving the diet alone can treat all diseases. We need to be intelligent enough to choose proper food for long healthy life and give up whatever is harmful to the body.
It is proven that each person's needs vary according to his makeup, personality, and way of reacting to the situation around him. The amount of food requirement varies from day to day or even hour to hour, depending on one's emotional or mental state and the physical work.

What is a balanced Diet?

Most people have strong temptation and weakness for good and tasty foods, without caring much about the nutritional value of the food they eat. Refined, spicy, fried foods have no nutritional value and are harmful to our digestive system. As the wrong food causes many issues to our digestive system, the right food can cure any ailment.

Our food contains:

  1. Proteins
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fats
  4. Vitamins
  5. Natural Salts
  6. Roughage or Fibre
  7. Water

Each one of them is essential and interdependent for the proper functioning and nourishment of the body. Our food must have a balanced quantity of these elements for complete health.

According to the science of Yoga, the human body has to perform two primary functions. One is to nourish the body, and the other work is to cleanse the body by eliminating the waste matter. Therefore, we mustn't overload our stomachso much that our total energy is consumed in digesting the food only. That way, the life force is left with no time to pay attention to restoring health and healing unhealthy parts. We, therefore, should have a clear understanding of:

  1. What to eat?
  2. How much to eat?
  3. When to eat?
  4. How to eat?

Food alone is the best medicine for all living creatures because they have come into existence because of food alone. "Let us make the food the best medicine forour body. Eating less is good for health. If you eat more than what is needed, it is stored within you as toxic matter".

Bhagwad Gita says:

"Yoga is not possible for him who overeats, nor for him who does not eat at all." Both these extremes are symptomatic of identifying the body with sensation.
"Bhagwat Gita" also emphasizes the relinquishment of indulgence for food, hence condemns those who eat just for the sake of eating.
We offer personalized nutrition and diet plans and address a wide range of health problems, including Obesity, Diabetes, Cardio-vascular disease, digestive and other diseases.
At Anandabodh, we give great importance to good diet and nutrition habits, leading to an improvement in overall health. A healthy and balanced diet plan can reduce the risk for chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, PCODs etc.

Therapeutic Diets:

Therapeutic diets are planned by our nutritionists to treat various ailments. It is a diet plan with control intake of foods and nutrients. It is concerned with the modification of the normal diet to meet the requirements of a diseased individual.

The purpose of Therapeutic diets are :

  • To correct deficiencies and maintain good nutritional status.
  • To maintain body's ability to metabolise the nutrients.

Diabetic diet is one of the most common therapeutic diets which involve limiting high sugar foods to help blood sugar levels. Other examples gluten-free diet, diabetic (calorie-controlled) diet, renal diet, low fat diet, high fibre diet, no added salts diet etc.

Therapeutic Diets

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Diabetes Management

Diet For Diabetes Management

Obesity is one of the major contributing factors to type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes usually occurs in adulthood but, is now actually occurring in younger individuals & in children too. Obesity is one of the biggest contributing factors to insulin resistance. Insulin in the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Insulin resistance results in the rise of blood sugar. Even moderate obesity can dramatically increase the risk of diabetes.

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Diet For High Blood Pressure Management

The excessive fat increases the workload of the heart because it must pump more blood through additional blood vessels. More circulating blood also means more pressure on the artery walls. Higher pressure on the artery walls increases the blood pressure. In addition, extra weight can raise the heart rate and reduce the body's ability to transport blood through the vessels.

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High Blood Pressure Management
Thyroid Problem

Diet To Regulate Thyroid Problem

This is a condition where the thyroid gland, located in the neck, produces too little thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone regulates our metabolism. So too little hormone slows the metabolism and often causes weight gain.

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Diet To Reduce Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol and triglyceride tests are blood tests that measure the total amount of fatty substances (cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood. Cholesterol travels through the blood attached to a protein. This cholesterol-protein package is called a lipoprotein. The high level of cholesterol is a big risk for the heart ailments.

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Reduce Cholesterol Level

Diet For Pcod/PcosManagement

Obesity can cause menstrual issues and infertility in women. Studies have shown that as little as a 10% weight reduction can be effective in restoring regular ovulation and menses.

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Diet For Weight Loss

Do you struggle to lose weight? Do you want to look fit, agile and energetic?
With the sedentary lifestyle and change in work culture, managing weight has become a big challenge for many people. A staggering number of people in the country are suffering from problems related to weight gain and struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This leads to a rise in heart-related diseases and diabetes in the long run which becomes much difficult to manage later when it’s too late.

Metabolism means the rate at which our body burns off food. A continued increase in weight is not considered healthy because it means the metabolism of your body is not in a good condition and it indicates an intake of excess calories too. The body has no mechanism to get rid of excess calories on its own. All the excess calories are therefore stored in the body as fat. To burn these extra calories, one needs to work on the basal metabolism to maintain a healthy body weight.

Weight Loss

You don’t have to worry anymore! At Anandabodh, we offer personalized weight loss programme with a highly effective approach by our best dietician.
We always believe that when you are embarking on a weight loss journey, it is important to make small changes each day, rather than making drastic changes all at once, like your lifestyle, your diet, and your day to day routine.

The initial goal of weight loss therapy is to reduce body weight by approximately 10 percent from baseline, for maintaining good health and physical efficiency. The diet should provide adequate amounts of all nutrients.

Weight loss is all about following a structured balanced diet plan. Our experience in this field gives us the skill and assurance to provide the right support in your weight loss journey. We believe psychological and nutritional support is the optimal formula for weight loss.

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Healthy Pregnancy

Diet For Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy takes a toll on the body of the mother as she has to feed and take care of the health of two individuals at the same time. This makes it really important for women to follow a good diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. The right amount of nutrients in the diet helps in having a smooth pregnancy and keeps the foetus healthy and makes sure that the foetus grows steadily inside the womb without any complications. Lack of a healthy diet can result in slower development of vital parts of the baby which can lead to other problems after delivery in the long run. It can also cause the mother unable to remain energetic and may lead to complicated pregnancies.

Expert guidance by dietitian helps in charting out the best diet plan for pregnant women. We, at Anandabodh, offer various treatments for prevention of constipation, high B.P. in pregnancy along with glucose intolerance looking at individual needs.

A pregnant woman needs more calcium, folic acid, iron and protein and must eat healthy fruits and vegetables like darky leafy veggies and citrus fruits to strengthen the immunity of foetus and deliver a healthy baby.

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