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Office yoga program helps participants experience happiness at work place. The program guides in preventing and managing eyes, neck, shoulder and back problems. It improves sitting postures, helps in vitalizing the body, and enhances awareness and concentration level which leads towards health of an individual and eventually the overall organizational health.

The program offers valuable guidance on adjusting and improving the personal working environment, utilizing the traveling time for happiness and peace.

Computer professionals, continuous work at desk, BPO employees and people who do not get opportunity to move the joint and muscles of body much will find office yoga a very useful program in releasing the tensions and stress of the physical, muscular and mental body.

The Anandabodh office yoga program involves basically physical movements and stretches, Breathing practices, Relaxation, and Meditation techniques which are derived from some of the basic yogic techniques and underlying principles of yoga and are suitably applied to the need of the working life.

Whether you have practiced yoga before or not the practices are simple, easy and fun to perform – most of which can be done sitting on the office chair. The practices are designed interestingly and would inspire you to go further – as possibilities are immense. If you already have experienced and practicing yoga you could appreciate the importance of bringing yoga into once daily life through this guided program.

Irrespective of your designation – a chairman, a director, a businessman, a designer, a secretary or a receptionist – you are susceptible to the symptoms and problems like neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain and stiffness, strained eyes, feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. There is stress and tension all over the places. You may have accepted it as a part of job and an inevitable hazard to you. All can be managed and life can not remain any more miserable. That is the objective of the office yoga program. Programs

Short 1 day programs – 30 / 60 / 90 minutes each

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