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    Case Study 1 : Fashion Designer

    Anju Gandhi

    Meditation has  transformed me! 

    sometimes,in life,we get so engrossed with the happenings of it,that we almost begin to work and function mechanically.. rather robotically!! Our own body is rather left used and abused and put on a back burner and the mind is busy focussing on too many things at the same time,some useful and some absolutely worthless.

    Amongst all this and with a severe spine condition,i get introduced to my guru by a dear friend, who puts me on the path of recovery and for me,more importantly.... meditation.

    One thing i say with utmost conviction is that there will be no looking back from here,because it has made me put myself on top priority and helped me increase my focus multifold, bringing my productivity up by 500%. Not only do i feel more energetic but so much more in sync with the rhythm of life at large.

    I find myself calm and at peace,almost in a state of bliss permanently where the worldly events , all happening as if on auto mode do not bother my state of mind.

    The meditation, as guided by our teacher is what i look forward to as the most important thing of my life now because it has shown me light when i had begun to feel that nothing was going the way i wanted.

    To sum it up, it has given me the reigns of my life in my own hands .

    Words will fall short if were to express my gratitude, sir...but from the bottom of my soul, i thank you with folded hands.

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    Case Study 2 : Assistant Professor, South Asian University

    Debdatta Saha

    Low Blood Pressure, Acidity & Migraine

    With the hindsight of some four months of practicing yoga, I feel that I started yoga without understanding what it is about. An injured foot had prompted me to look for low impact exercises. And it was sheer chance that I found the Anandabodh website and met my teacher, Shivachittam. At that point of time, I looked upon yoga as a flexible but regular exercise routine. 

    I had discussed with my teacher my migraine and acidity problems in passing. What I did not expect was that these problems will reduce significantly within a matter of weeks. I did follow a regular practice and dietary advice from Shivachittam. Nonetheless, the relief was miraculous and unexpected. 

    It was after a few weeks of regular yoga, pranayam, mantras and occasional kriyas that I understood to some measure the way yoga understands my body and my self. And that is so deep and immense that no other form of exercise that I have done can even remotely come close to it. 

    First, I never accepted the body-mind complex in its holistic entity. In fact, in day to day existence, most of the time that my mind fought the limits of my body and the perpetual conflict continued. However, yoga taught me to integrate what I treated individually. For instance, after a few regular sessions of yoga, I realized that I had to go to sleep when my brain signaled to my mind that it is switching off. I now get up at more regular hours and achieve the same work more productively what I would fight to finish sleepily earlier. The sense of regret of what I could not achieve because of the confines of my body is much less with a daily practice of all the aspects of yoga. Initially, I had some reservations about kunjal kriya. Shivachittam's assured guidance about this practice encouraged me to try it. A month down the line, my body itself signaled to me that it was time to cleanse it internally. This acceptance of my physical body, the claims that it lays on my mental faculties has been for me the first lesson of yoga. 

    The second realization was that yoga contributes to specific attributes of my mind as well. It has slowed down the rate at which random thoughts come to my mind. There is a space for calm reflection now when I meditate. It has reduced my restlessness, though some of it is still there. Nonetheless, in four months I have become less excitable. 

    The third realization was that yoga is a very hard task master. What yoga demands of the body and the mind is a relentlessly regular practice. It is a beautifully austere science, which yields results only with regular loyalty. My acidity problem went down initially, but resurged intermittently when my practice was not very regular. Given the relief and the freedom from all forms of medication that are both financially demanding and physically harmful, these demands of regularity are not much. More so if I document the other physical benefits that I have felt. It has raised to some extent my low blood pressure and reduced hairfall significantly!

    The last gift of yoga has been the realization of a spiritual self, which I am convinced all human beings possess. During the quiet moments of ajapa japa and even antar mouna, I have found myself connected with something which is beyond mortal words. It is a very individual realization, something that is to be experienced and not described. 

    I must mention the systematic manner in which I was taught the set of all practices (hatha yoga, meditation, pranayam, kriyas and mantras). A regular practice of all of the above, I believe, have a significant contribution in the reduction of the regular irritants of migraine and acidity. To that extent, I am immensely thankful to Shivachittam in guiding me so well in a practice that I completely identify with now. Without it, I would have looked upon yoga as I understood it some four months earlier. As just another form of flexible low impact exercise. 

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    Case Study 3 : DGM Haldia Refinery Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

    Anil Bairagi

    Hari OM!

    I, Sri Anil Bairagi working in Indian Oil Corporation as Deputy General Manager hereby happy to inform you that initially I was in contact of Guruji in the year 2010 through a Yoga class at IiPM Gurgaon. I had lost contact of Guruji. After long period, I was able to connect him on 7th Jul 2021. I was unable to do Work-life balance due to high work load and my health was deteriorating and I had fallen as Diabetic patient....As the work load increasing resulting increasing stress level and my doctor was increasing my insulin along with medicines to control my sugar level (fasting...180 n PP 300)..sometimes I thought to   to throw out  all medicines but was helpless......I am fortunate enough to imbibe yoga and meditation into my life during the session guided by most efficient n respectful Guruji and I feel my energy level was increasing day by day and I was trying to reduce medicines one by one ...and frankly speaking within one month I am able to manage my sugar level by taking insulin only... .....

    Yoga, what we do through Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Meditation do the balancing and harmonising the body n not only improves physical body, it improves mental condition. It gives us the potential to cope up the stress which is prevailing in our day to day life....intensity of stress may be different for different work culture as we faced in our work life....but it is unavoidable....but individually what we can do we can increase our resilience for decreasing stress level...when imbalance is experienced in our stress-full  life, the organs, muscles and nerves no longer function in harmony rather they can act in opposite to each other resulting the endocrine system might become irregular and the efficiency of nervous system decrease to such an extent that one like me  is forced to go from EASE life to DIS-EASE life..

    .....Again thank Guruji...your guided different variations of all perfect asanas n Pranayama and meditation has saved me..

    Anil Bairagi


    Haldia Refinery

    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

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    Case Study 4 :

    Mrs. Ramyashree

    It all started in early 2019.

    I started experiencing back pain for the first time in my life. Initially for few days I didn't take it seriously. Because I thought it's a normal backpain due to work strain and it would subside after sometime. But that was not the case. It started to increase day by day.

    Then I visited Physician for the first time. She examined me and said, nothing to worry. Mostly it's because of muscle spasm. And she gave tablets for a week. I asked her one more time that, "is it because of only muscle spasm ma'am?" Because I felt that the pain was somewhat different from normal backpain. And she replied, "don't worry, these days all these are so common, you just take these pain killers".

    I took those tablets for a week. But still there was no improvement. Then one of my friend suggested me to go for Ayurvedic treatment. Then I went there, Doctor examined me and they started giving me panchakarma treatments along with many other Ayurvedic medications like oils, tablets etc. I also started to follow Pathya (diet) as suggested by Ayurvedic doctor. It continued like this for more than 4 months almost. But there was no improvement at all. Instead I started feeling radiating pain in my left leg by that time. It used to hit me like electric shock sometimes.

    I used to go for work as usually. But it became very difficult for me to sit and stand properly. Also standing and walking was a like a punishment for me. But still I used to go for work. And Ayurvedic medications were also going on. But after few months, that Ayurvedic doctor suggested me to take MRI scan of my LS spine. So I took one immediately. After seeing my MRI scanning report, doctor was little worried and he explained me what was happened in my LS spine. There was a disc protrusion in l5-s1. He said that, you should be very careful in this condition. Otherwise it may end up in surgery. That day, I was literally terrified a lot after hearing the word 'surgery' from doctor.

    Then he suggested me to go for physiotherapy. I went there. My experience was horrible with physiotherapy treatment there. They gave me many treatments including laser irradiation therapy. But again there was no improvement. Instead my pain was increased even more because of the irresponsibility of physiotherapy department Dean who saw my reports and said "this is just a case of muscle spasm in your back". Without even seeing my MRI repot, he gave that statement.

    Then I visited spine specialist. He examined me again and suggested me to go for surgery.

    So finally after suffering like hell for 8-9 months with all these, I decided to go for surgery. So I underwent microdiscectomy performed by one of the best spine surgeons of India. By God's grace, I recovered fully within few weeks. And after few weeks, I started doing the excercises suggested by the Doctor. It was all okay till one year after surgery. But then, exactly after one year of my surgery, one day while going to work in auto-rickshaw, I experienced a heavy jerk due to bad road condition. And then the pain started suddenly. My legs were completely numb. I was not able to sit, stand, walk and even lie down. Those were the worst days of my life. Then again I contacted my doctor who had performed the surgery. He suggested me to take MRI again. And I got my MRI reports on the next day itself and I sent it to the Doctor. It was again a case of disc prolapse. The condition was relapsed due to heavy jerk. So the doctor said, you can wait for 3 months and see. If you don't see any improvements, we may have to perform spinal disc fusion surgery. I was literally terrified after hearing that. I decided to take 3 months off from work and stay at home. At the same time, luckily I got to know about Shivachittam Sir through FB. I contacted him and explained everything. And I started attending his yoga sessions immediately. It was a combination of yoga and meditation. I used to practice it for 3 times a day and followed all his instructions. Within 2-3 weeks I started to feel decrease in pain. I was deprived of sleep previously due to intense radiating pain in my right leg. But after I started this yoga practice, my sleeping schedule became normal and I started getting sound sleep. I strictly followed this practice without even skipping it for a single day. Slowly my pain started to subside. And one fine day after about 8-10 weeks of practice, I was fully pain free. But even now I'm practicing it daily 2 times, as suggested by Sir. Now I'm leading a normal life. I'm doing all my works by myself. But yes... With few restrictions. These yoga sessions are not only helped me in having a painless back but also stabilizing my mental health during my painful days. Thanks to Shivachittam Sir for his guidance and great help in bringing me out of that painful situation, and for guiding me to keep my health in a balanced condition even today.

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    Case Study 5 :

    Shiv Shankar Pal , CEO , Makaan Hunt Pvt. Ltd. , (Pune)

    It was one of the best session today for me with full awaken state I did my Pranayam & meditation.

    Yes it’s really hard to believe that 2 months are over. Though I have missed some sessions in the beginning but latter became regular.

    Though I started meditation during lockdown from March 2020 but was not that proper & discipline as now.

    What we learned now:

    1. I became more disciplined now in regular life also.
    2. Get up on time & early in the morning.
    3. Can sit in meditation up to 1 hour.
    4. Can enjoy Yognidra without going in to deep sleep.
    5. Became more calm & quiet.
    6. My thought ,perception & attitude has changed toward Yoga & meditation.
    7. Time Management: earlier there were no time for such activities but now we have enough time for meditation on daily basis.
    8. Whenever I am free or feel tense I enjoy sitting in the meditation for some time & feel immediate relax. Learnt meditation can be done any time anywhere like in office, even in car too. car can be park some where & do short meditation & feel relax.
    9. Meditation is became like part of my daily break fast without which we can not leave or go out.
    10. Meditation is wonderful medicine for all type of disease if we do it regularly.

    Thank you GuruJi for your wonderful guidance.

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    Case Study 6 :

    Lee Sample, International Travel Writer (Hong Kong)

    It's hard to believe it has been two months and dozens of sessions! It feels like it has passed very quickly but meditation has now also become a firm part of my routine. There are still areas I feel I need to work on, such as sleeping earlier and practicing in the afternoon when I find it hard to break from work, but overall I have seen many improvements in my life, from generally feeling calmer, sleeping better, and being more aware of negative thoughts throughout the day. The things I think about during my resolve are also beginning to come true; I found a beautiful new apartment (when I was quite stressed about moving) and I have more work and money coming in after a very difficult year. The whole experience has been most enlightening and refreshing. I hope I will continue for the rest of my life now thanks to your patient and generous guidance. Thank you and thank you to the group for sharing this wonderful experience.

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    Case Study 7 :

    Ashutosh (Lucknow)

    Today's session was new beginning. A journey of initial practices to newer practices covered in one session.
    During this journey of two months

    • A better control over mind and thought developed. Learned technique of getting rid of persistent mind choking thoughts.
    • ️Realised enhanced lungs capacity thereby increased oxygen level in body. Feeling refreshed and energetic continuously.
    • ️Regained discipline and punctuality in lifestyle.
    • ️Enhanced tolerance and control over anger.
    • ️Enhanced concentration level, memory and retention capacity.

    In nutshell it unfolded new realm of healthy living of entire body and mind.
    I will try to imbibe this practices in my habbit.
    Lots of Thanks to our Guru and Mentor for these priceless Gems of knowledge.
    Hari Om.

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    Case Study 8 :

    Abhishek Pathak (Gurgaon)

    मेरा नाम अभिषेक है और व्यससाई कर्ता हु, मुझे क़रीब ५ साल से anxiety की प्रोबल्लेम स्टार्ट होई और लोककडोवन में बहुत ज़्यादा हो गया हमेशा एक अनजान ड़र रेहता था fear of death बहुत परेशान हो गया था जीवन बहुत निराश लगने लगा फिर मैंने स्वामी जी से मिला उन्होंने मुझे नयी उमीद दिलाया और योगा के करने क़े सलाह दिया और कुछ दिनो में काफ़ी improvment आ गया, नया जोश नयी उम्मीद, ज़िंदगी फिर से अच्छी लगने लगी, फिर मैं अपने बिजनेस और daily life मे busy हो गया और योगा practice छोर दिया. और फिर वापिस से anxiety, depression ने मूझे घेर लिया. फिर मैं वापिस स्वामी जीं से मिला फिर उन्होंने मुझे ये seasion join करवाया आज ७ दिनो मी बहुत changes आ चुका है, नए ऊर्जा possitive life, mind calm and fresh, anxity finish, मैं अपने आप को भाग्यसली समज़हता हूँ, मुझे स्वामी जी जैसे गुरू मिले जिन्होंने मूझे सही रास्ता दिखाया. तो मेरा अनुभव है कभी भी योगा नहीं छोरना chayeee । योगा को part of life बना के रखना. And, Now I am commited I will never leave yoga in my life.

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    Case Study 9 :

    Nisha Rai (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)

    Hari Om ! 

    It’s been 1 month and I could not believe I was regular with practices daily twice only honestly . 

    I joined this as knew We were with Guided mentor ship under Mani to start Meditation ?‍♀️ class ..

    The journey so far for me and my husband has been quite different.Both we’re having different experiences but we overall felt energetic and relaxed 

    My mental state sometime before I started was impatient on small things may be which has drastically changed and I am

    Able to ignore and move on with the feeling that it’s ok ..

    Secondly , I found myself quite clear in my thoughts and emotions.

    The breath Awareness is amazing all the time and it helps to alter the mood .. like if I am about to get angry ? I just take 3 Deep Breath & it’s good to go with smile ? 

    Thirdly during my mensural cycle earlier had pain now this month it was nothing like that 

    Physically I feel more energetic and sleeping time at night improved .

    Mostly Peaceful mind with awareness . Finding joy in small things as we are mostly at home with less social interaction . 

    Moreover this is like spiritually and emotional growth ..Sometimes u can’t express few things just that it feels good after doing these sessions to finding myself more .. 

    I really feel blessed that I could start and I am enjoying .. would

    Definitely continue on my own and here so that we enlighten more n more about our mind , body and soul connect ..

    The yog nidra is amazing with u as I am listening and awake and aware though physically it’s relaxing ? This session makes me more n more positive and sensible.

    Lastly , the Goal setting visualisation has made many things so clear that I m busy in making small steps to achieve them.

    concentration and positivity has increased many fold 

    Enjoying the session overall 

    Thanks &

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    Case Study 10 :

    Prabhat Ranjan

    प्रणाम गुरू जी
    आपकी Powerful session के कारण ही मेरे घुटने का दर्द बिलकुल ठीक हो गया। इसके लिए मुझे सुबह-शाम दवा लेनी पडती थी ,अब दवा 1 सितम्बर से बंद है फिर भी बिलकुल स्वस्थ हूँ, आनन्द से हूँ तथा ह्रदय से आपका आभारी हूँ।
    कमर मे दर्द पिछले वर्ष से शुरू हुइ थी । हांलाकि मैने अभी दवा तो लेना शुरू नही किया था , डाक्टर ने पहले MRI करवाने की सलाह दी थी । मुझे मालुम था कि यह योग व आसन से ही काबू मे आएगा । अभी बिलकुल ठीक है। कोइ जाँच भी नही करवायी।
    कब्ज मे थोडी सुधार तो है किन्तु अभी स्थिति संतोषजनक नही है।
    मै काफी Restless व Impulsive था , इसमे काफी परिवर्तन महसुस कर रहा हूँ । अब अपेक्षाकृत काफी Cool, Calm व Patience महसुस कर रहा हूँ।
    भले ही मेरे Daily Practice मे कुछ ढिलाई आ जाय किन्तु खान-पान व दिनचर्या Strictly आपके द्वारा बनाये गए Chart के अनुसार ही होता है ।शायद इसका भी कुछ असर है ।
    हाँ ,आप जितनी लगन और मेहनत अपने Session मे करते है , उतनी लगन से मै Home work नही कर पा रहा हूँ , इसका दु:ख व अफसोस दोनो है । आशा है शीघ्र Time Manage कर सकूंगा।
    अब तो आपके ही सानिध्य मे हूँ और सदैव साथ रहने का निश्चय किया है। आशा है आपका ऐसा ही स्नेह सदा मिलता रहेगा।
    प्रभात रंजन

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    Case Study 11 :

    Madhu Nanda (New Delhi)

    Hari Om!
    Thank you for a wonderful session!
    The ajapa japa meditation was very deep, need to be aware of the prana moving as well. Do not feel it yet.
    The chakra meditation was enjoyable.
    The cat stretch with the bandhas was rewarding, even more so after you explained it.
    Stayed awake throughout the yoga nidra and followed every instruction. Both heaviness and lightness were felt.
    Thank you for the talk at the end, it explains many things and inspires us.
    Yes, last September i was not in a state to even sit cross legged and did not think I should join but with your guidance and encouragement and energy I've been able to come this far!
    Thank you for everything!

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    Case Study 12 : Why Yoga!!!

    Sanjeev Agarwal (Gurgaon)

    Weight creeps up on you slowly and stealthily like a thief is what everyone said. I always thought this happened to others and would never happen to me. And then, when I hit my forties, I realised that that is exactly where I stood. The demands of a satisfying but gruelling job, the pace of living in a metro, multitasking – all this and more- had manifested itself in the form of hypertension. Diabetes was threatening to enter my life. Every visit to the doctor ended with a grim reminder – “lose weight”

    Then started the trips to the gym, experimenting with diet changes, battles between high protein and low carb fads. The scale turned into a yo-yo. On good days a kg was gone and on bad days two were back. All around me flew suggestions on what was the best way to manage weight. I needed to manage not just weight but health. The most frequently heard advice was “YOGA”. The turning point was a fellow gymmer who had been visiting the gym regularly and was an epitome of fitness. After she had been missing from the gym for a few months she showed up looking fitter, happier and healthier. She said “Yoga is a hundred times better than gym”. The penny dropped.

    Then started the hunt for a yoga guru. There were horror stories about people who had developed back problems because of yoga, and many other stories. A friend who practiced yoga at Laburnum told me about Shivachittam. Fortunately he agreed to make time for personal classes and thus started my tryst with yoga.

    When we started out, I felt like I would never be able to master the twists, the turns, the forward and the backward bends. The body was stiff and felt like a plank. Slowly but surely he started ironing out the kinks in the system. He built the practice brick by brick, according to the response of the body. I never felt tired or exhausted – the opposite – I felt rejuvenated after each session. However I never believed I would be able to practice it on my own. Shivachittam encouraged me to start practicing on my own and convinced me that I would be able to do it. Small diet changes were all he suggested – light food, avoid hard drinks, avoid very cold water – nothing that one couldn’t do.

    One year down the road – I am 7 kgs lighter, the body is flexible, the joints have opened up. The breathlessness I experienced while speaking long sentences has disappeared. Blood pressure is normal – something that I have not experienced in 10 years. Blood sugar is under control. All clothes had to be altered – the inches, especially on the abdomen, have melted away. I am a convert. I practice yoga 5 days a week and it has become a way of life.

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    Case Study 13 : Yoga During Pregnancy

    Dorit Schiffel (Stuttgart, Germany)

    I practised Yoga here with Shivachittam nearly during my whole pregnancy up to week 41.
    From my former pregnancy I know I had a lot of problems with my back and also breathing problems.
    The exercises in the Yoga class stayed for me mainly the same, some changes were done with the professional guidance of my Yoga teacher.
    I had this time no problems with my back all the time and the breathing exercises helped me to breath more regularely.
    Yoga helped me to relax and control my stress level.
    I would recommend doing Yoga in pregnancy even if you need to skip some exercises were you don´t feel comfortable.
    It´s also good in this time to enjoy a good group motivation.
    Thank you very much guiding me through this time.

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    Case Study 14 : Multiple Slipped Disc

    Siddharth Garg (UK)

    I would like to share my journey and experience with my back problem for awareness of all. I have disc bulge in L4/L5 and L5/S1 discs. This started almost an year back with symptoms of slight pain and stiffness while playing and driving. Over a period of time the condition worsened and I realized that I could no more play or drive comfortably any further. Being in the UK I visited NHS, even private consultant and have had 3 rounds of injections and several physiotherapy sessions already but in vain. The injections gave a temporary relief however never resolved my problem completely until finally the consultant suggested a spinal surgery. To be frank I had no belief in any other methodologies of cure however for the first time was determined to reduce weight and believe in yoga practice as a cure to my problem. I was introduced to Shiva through a common friend of ours. I am currently one month down in my journey of yoga practice and I can evidently see an improvement in my left leg / calf by 60% and on the right side by almost 25%. I have now kept any notion of a spinal surgery aside and dedicatedly doing my yoga practice twice a day. My belief has only grown with practice and meditation every day and quite positive that 2 months down the line I should / will be in a much better position and frame of mind than I was ever before.

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    Case Study 15 : Chief Wellness Officer Vedic Collection Pvt Ltd.

    Divita Kanoria

    I was suffering from acute lower back ache (caused by a slipped disc) which rendered me helplessly crippled. I had a huge problem to do simple daily activities like sitting down, standing, walking etc.The doctors had all given me bed rest & my fate was sealed because the diagnosis was that I was to remain like this for life. I was totally down in spirits when Shivachittam walked into my life & started making me do simple asanas for my back. At that time even to do these asanas was a mammoth task for me as I would screech out in pain. But his perseverance got the better of me & slowly but definitely there was a marked improvement.

    Once the back started strengthening Shivachittam introduced me to various other asanas which at that time seemed impossible for me to perform with my physical state but now 3 years down the line I am doing all the forward bending asasnas and have never felt so better in my life. Yoga also helped in toning me down & I got rid of all my excess weight thus gaining in confidence & not shying away from the public eye.

    I was also going through a bad patch emotionally but every time I performed my asanas, did my pranayams I was transformed into a different world. I had a lot of sleep disorders & nightmares & negative thoughts just kept plaguing my mind. I was introduced to Yoga Nidra & Antarmouna meditation where I could come to terms with my thoughts & also learned to eliminate these rather than hold on to them. Now I look forward to my practice with him every now and then because yoga has not only given me physical strength but mental & emotional abundance.

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    Case Study 16 : Chairman Quest Group of Companies Gurgaon

    Ashutosh Rastogi(Gurgaon)

    I have been practicing the Bihar School of Yoga for two years under the able guidance of Guru Shivachittam. I am 51 years old. I am a successful technocrat and am Chairman of Quest Group of Companies. I was following the typical urban lifestyle balancing the family, work and social life and was therefore having the typical symptoms of urban living having slightly elevated BP, stiff body, aches and pains, allergies, short temper, irritation, stress etc. I had practiced other schools of yoga before but not had much impact. However after following Shivachittam thrice a week for two years, I notice a significant charge for the better in all spheres of life.Physical

    My body was extremely stiff like a wooden plank. I had problems even sitting with my feet stretched out in the front. I could barely lend forward and could bring my arms a little in front of my knees.

    Today I can touch my feet! It is an accomplishment for me. My body is still stiff compared to others but I am able to do all my asanas. I used to have a lot of stiffness in my shoulders and neck muscles. Today they are relaxed. The constant aches and pains have disappeared. During the initial 6 months the manifestations of years of stress were appearing as painful symptoms around my feet. I had stretched tendens, could not walk etc from time to time but I kept up with the yoga classes. Today all these symptoms have disappeared.

    My golf swing which was erratic has become much more relaxed and smoother. My body is able to turn from the waist. Hence my game has improved.

    My B.P. has normalized. I had begun to develop prostate problems with frequent visits for urination. I had a dull pain in my lower abdomen for years which could not be diagnosed. The pain is now gone.

    Mental : My mind was hyperactive. I was stressed out. In the yoga class I could not sit without fidgeting, I used to get up and walk out several time during the class.To day my mind is relaxed. I am in control. I enjoy the complete yoga session of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Yoga Nidra has helped the mind and the thought process. Calmness is there which is not there before.

    Emotional : Before I was irritated, I used to get upset at the slightest provocation and this did have an impact on my relationships with my wife, my children and my colleagues.Today the anger has not completely disappeared but the out bursts are less frequent and not as serve. Emotionally I am a happier person and this has resulted in having more fun with my friends.

    Spirituality : I have always been spirituality inclined yoga has helped my meditation sessions. The connections are longer and deeper spiritual progress is taking place.I am indebted to Shivachittam from Bihar school of yoga. The regular practice of yoga has improved the quality of my life.

  • image

    Case Study 17 : Pregnancy Yoga

    Jhilmil Breckenridge

    I was a stressed out mother of three who used to go to the gym frequently. Shivachittam introduced me to the gentle Bihar school of yoga. The difference in my life was amazing. I was much calmer, felt fitter and more in sync with everything. Yoga made my body more flexible and fit, and the meditations and pranayamas made me more energetic, yet calmer.Into my third year of practicing, I became pregnant and continued with the yoga practice through my pregnancy to the end. The difference in this pregnancy and the earlier ones was quite drastic. I suffered none of the backaches and morning sickness that I had suffered with in my previous pregnancies. The baby, when born, was also much calmer and more settled than my previous ones. Yoga in pregnancy was a boon, and I strongly recommend it for all pregnant women!

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    Case Study 18 : Yoga For A Better Life

    Garvita Chawla (Gurgaon)

    Before I start narrating my experiences and how yoga changed my life forever, let me give some background. I am a 33 year old female who was diagnosed with two chronic auto immune diseases – SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was just 15 years of age. 18 years of living with the disease and multiple toxic medications led to me being diagnosed with Osteopenia when I was 29 years old. These are conditions which affect women mostly post 50 years. Living with these conditions that lead to severe joint pain, fever, fatigue, nausea and in extreme conditions joint deformations is not easy. While life was still manageable with medicines it was very often depressing and least to say challenging in terms of carrying out even daily routine activities.

    When I met Shiva sir through a friend, I was suffering from chronic back pain caused by “Compressional fracture” of my spine. Having lost faith in western medicine, when I heard of miraculous effects of yoga in altering conditions such as osteoporosis I thought it was worth a shot. My disease was mostly in remission and I was trying to have a baby. Shiva sir came like a messiah giving me hope when I had none. A journey of two and half years of doing yoga has not only made me stronger physically but more so mentally. Its not just me, even my test reports say that. My latest x ray results have shocked the doctors who cannot seem to now find a compressional fracture which existed few years back. I am also proud mother of a one and half year old son who is also a yoga child as I was practicing throughout my pregnancy. While I am still on medication, due to after affects of the disease being back from remission post pregnancy, I feel lot of positive energy with yoga. I can now take road trips I could not imagine because of my back pain few years back. I manage work, take care of my home and son and live a fuller life. I look forward to every new day as it bring in new possibilities and a chance to a healthy living with a fitter body and a calm mind and I cannot thank Shiva sir enough for it.

  • Case Study 19 : Senior Manager – IT Program Cairn India Ltd. Gurgaon

    Anand Pillai (Gurgaon)

    My first experience of yogic practices started as part of the initiative from my organization’s Wellness division. I had the opportunity to be a student of Shivachittam for the basic yoga classes and at that time my interest level was primarily towards better body and some measure to take care of today’s food practices.On my first day itself I realized that I am blessed to be part of Shivachittam’s class- room as there was more than the body focus. Understanding the basics of why we do certain yoga postures was an eye opener and did give more meaning to what was being practiced. That made me come to the class each day with renewed enthusiasm. Slowly and steadily I realized that I am able to do the postures better as time went by just following Guru’s words. The Yoganidra is definitely something that makes the entire day’s stress released within 10 to 15 minutes – how ShivaChittan takes one through the Yoganidra process is definitely to be experienced. I sincerely think Shivachittam is an excellent teacher in Yoga and I would be looking forward to be part of his next level of classroom session. I think by attending to his sessions one can get a new outlook towards life in general.

  • Case Study 20 : Dy.Manager (Information systems) North East Integrated state office Guwahati,Indian Oil (Marketing Division)

    Ripan Biswas (Guwahati)

    My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for mirroring the secrets and power of YOGA to me, during our 19th Cutting Edge program at IIPM, Gurgaon. I extend my thanks to IIPM for giving opportunity to attend a training program.

    The program started on 4th Dec’08 with the practice of “Joint series”. I was highly enthusiastic since day one, but I resolved to follow the YOGA practice schedule religiously everyday .My commitment was further juxtaposed by the incremental benefits that I experienced during the process and it made the whole experience a rejuvenation of my youth.

    I came to IIPM with a weight of 90.2 kg. Today as on 31st Dec’08, I am at 77.8 kg, which I have reduced during this period of mere 25 days.

    I had been suffering from nose blockage and my doctor had recommended for surgical treatment of the problem. You taught us NETI on 14th Dec’08and I am doing it daily since then. My nose blockage has disappeared and I feel very comfortable now.

    Sir, the practice of kunjal and shankhaprakshalana were really helpful and the feeling of calmness which pervades after these practices is ecstatic.

    Among the numerous other benefits bestowed by your graceful teachings are peacefulness of mind, sound and deep sleep, improved length of breath, better stamina etc.

    The practice of yoganidra and meditation have been helpful in promoting a peculiar feeling of tranquility during the entire day.

    Sir, I am really thankful to you, for the metamorphic changes affected in my life, through your teachings of yoga practice.

  • Case Study 21 : Cutting Edge-11 Manager (IS), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Head Office, Mumba

    Indradip Paul (Mumbai)

    Hari Om
    I am continuing with the Asanas for my slip-disc/ lower back ache problems as was instructed by you and virtually there is no pain. I have also improved upon my sitting postures in the office thereby reducing the risk of future attacks. As you had asked me to inform you from time to time about the progress, I am able to confirm you now that it is 90% cured. I say it is 90% as there was a bit of irritation (not pain) one day while I was doing Kapal Bhati. I tried Surya Namaskar this Sunday and did not have much difficulty in doing it two rounds. Nevertheless, I will wait for your instructions to go ahead further the other Asanas other than those instructed by you. An added reward has been the curing of my routing cold (perhaps due to Mumbai Pollution) on account of doing the Jal Neti regularly.

  • Case Study 22 : Cervical Spondolytis And Multiple Lumbar Slipped Disc

    Sunil Kumar (Bangalore)

    Problem : Back pain & neck pain and stiffness in back & neck due to slip disc & disc bulging at L4/L5,L5&S1

    Tried physiotherapy Epidural block injections to spine and few exercises
    Result : it was ok for few months and pain has come back,
    now I have started yoga exactly one week back with help of my yoga guru Shivachittam Mani. after 2 days i felt 10% change now after doing for a week i am very confident that it will be healed if i practice for 3 months. My neck pain is healed by 50-60%..Back pain is by 25-30%.

  • Case Study 23 :

    Ashok Sharma (New Delhi)

    Hari Om.
    Before attending the first session, I had issues in breathing as I always knew that my lungs were not getting the proper exercise or air required to expand and contract the bronchi. I was a person with extreme anger issues as I always looked for perfection in whatever I do Or others do.Then this online session came in front of me and I thought to myself that this could be the turning point. The first session, I still remember each and every moment of it as it brought me to another world called tranquility. I was so relaxed, calm and spiritually lifted that I could feel it's positive effect for hours during that first day. The further sessions were going great but as I mentioned earlier that my problem of finding perfection in whatever I do was stopping me to enjoy the teachings as I was finding it difficult to control my abdominal breath, I could not see the self image in the mirror, Soham was not felt, navel to throat was not felt. I felt more angry and while doing and attending sessions I felt anger as I could not do it. Now, all the above experience were till mid of the month. Post mid month, things started to change a bit that I could sit cross leg for long which I could not do so before, my breathing issues started to improve as I could now breath deeper than before and breath control also has improved. I now could follow the instructions much better than before. Cannot comment on focus & concentration as it's still very fluctuating in my case.
    Lastly, coming closer to month end, just want to add that in my case, I was regular in attending the morning sessions, however I was not regular with home work exercises. Initially, till first 12 days, I was regular with the home work exercises. Post 12 days, I am not at all regular with home work assignments. Due to this the benefits which I could have gain is missing. It's my fault and no one else's. The benefits are mine & the loss too is mine.
    I would say that Swami Shivchittam ji is a blessed soul with a strong passion to serve the society which is evident as he has spared his precious time for all of us from last 1 month and is always there for his students. He replies to each and every one in the group on their doubts and guide everyone on this beautiful journey. My heart felt thanks to him.

  • Case Study 24 :

    Dr D Kumar

    Day by day improving!
    You said rightly it is our practice and dedication which leads us in domain of meditation .
    Today I was able to see myself in mirror, felt lightness, weightlessness, even body was trying to fly , but then could not go beyond ....
    Yoga & Meditation is leading us to great heights.
    We are thankful to you for this selfless service to mankind.
    You have also introduced us the 4-way path to achieve peace in life:

    1. serve
    2. Love
    3. Give
    4. Purify

    we aspire to continue practice as per yr guidance and instruction to feel the bliss of GOD. After these daily sessions even our behaviour with others is changing and it is more accommodative and considerate.
    Hari Om.

  • Case Study 25 :

    Dharini (London UK)

    I feel very light after doing the yoga practises... I feel it is like a medicine for my tiredness, stiffness, stress and defenitely I would say I make this practise as a daily routine as like our morning chores...

    By doing pranayama honestly I can say I feel the breathing with ease and adding feather to the crown the meditation part I feel so much relaxed because we don't have personal time to sit and do the meditation as many household works and homeschooling piled up in front of our eyes..

    The whole sessions are wonderful and great toning up the body metabolism and gives us peace and personal time

  • Case Study 26 :

    Frozen Shoulder

    Frozen Shoulder

    I developed ‘left frozen shoulder’ around two years back, and a year later, I started developing ‘right frozen shoulder’ as well. Within two years, both my arms practically became immobile and I developed a lot of pain – doing all routine work, driving, etc. became so challenging. I got in touch with the doctors in the UK, however, they could not really give me any solution other than taking a paracetamol as and when needed.

    A friend of mine suggested trying yoga by Mr. Shiva. I got in touch with him, and within the first few sessions, I started feeling positive changes. My arms’ movement and the associated pain both started getting better. Due to both the frozen shoulders, I had developed a lot of pain in one of my nerves running all across through my arm. That pain completely vanished within about 10 - 12 sessions.

    As recommended by Mr. Shiva, I took the first few sessions daily, and as things started getting better, we reduced the number of sessions. I have been practicing the exercises suggested by him twice a day regularly now and my arms’ movement and pain has improved drastically. I can safely say that now I feel about 95% better, and it is just a matter of some more time that things will completely normalise.

    I am still practicing all the exercises suggested by Mr. Shiva twice a day. My belief in yoga has strengthened manifolds. Thank you Mr. Shiva!

    - Monica C Sharma, UK

  • Case Study 27 :

    Hari Om

    I have had the good fortune of attending both Guruji's Yoga a,sana and meditation sessions, over the past year.

    Together, the sessions have produced transformative results for me, both in body and mind.

    Everyone’s body is unique and challenges are different.

    To address this, before joining, Guruji had a long discussion with me where he understood intricately the issues that were troubling my health and mental state.

    During our sessions, we are also consistently advised to avoid certain postures that may be problematic at the time, but Guruji has shown that with regular practice and the correct guidance, many of these issues can be overcome.

    This involves a lot of care and dedication from Guruji for his students and advice is tailored to each person’s situation and capacity.

    I had tremendous difficulty with my posture for many years. I was always slouching. Having bad posture has other negative knock-on effects on the body and mind, which were weighing heavily on me. I was not able to straighten up for more than two or three seconds.

    This is also disheartening and can strengthen the belief that this can not be improved.

    Guruji’s sessions have done wonders for me in this regard. My back muscles have strengthened, and I can now attempt to sit in a stable position for meditation sessions of 30 minutes or more!

    I still need to do a lot of work going forth, but to sit in one position for so long, was completely unimaginable to me only last year

    In terms of the asana that we do, Guruji pushes us to improve incrementally but also to ensure the body gets adequate rest and time to recover. As a result, over time the improvements are very visible – my flexibility and breathing have improved manifold from when I had joined initially.

    Other than poor posture, poor flexibility and respiratory issues, I also had other health concerns regarding circulation and blood pressure that have been managed effectively.

    Th,e meditation sessions have helped me with my concentration as well, and I am much more efficient at focusing now which has had positive effects on my work and personal relationships.

    However, to achieve and maintain the many benefits of these sessions requires discipline on the part of the student.

    I would also like to mention, that during a special session that Guruji did with us to cleanse the body, the transformative power of Yog became clear. It has been a month since the session, and I believe I am still feeling some positive effects from that one morning.

    I am very grateful for the wisdom, guidance and encouragement that Guruji shares with us.

    Hari Om