Session Detail


Meditation Program to Improve Mental- Emotional Health

Manage issues such as Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Sleep problems, Stress issues and Depression through Empowering Meditation

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

6.30-7.30 am IST

Fees :   3500 INR / month for India

              99 USD / month for Outside India

What all you learn and manage:

  • How to manage issues like  Anxiety, Panic attacks, Sleep issues Stress, and Depression

-Explore and understand your mind to manage all your mental-emotional issues.

  • Discover hacks to master your emotions

-Don't be slave of your mind and emotions, learn to manage anger and impulses.

  • How to overcome trauma and pains of your life 

-Suppressing is never a solution, learn how to manage it through the spiritual practices and heal and transcend them completely

  • Learn to quieten the mind and experience peace and bliss 

- This is the ultimate desire of everyone to attain peace and bliss, but how, learn some simple and unique techniques

  • Discover and have instant clarity of your life goals

 - Visualize and shape up your life goals with immense clarity and get instant results

  • Learn easy tools to increase focus, concentration and memory power

- Mind is a super computer, and an extraordinary tool,  make it strong and powerful to achieve higher success.

  • Why 8 hours of sleep requirements is a wrong belief

 - Once you have a better sleep quality, need less sleep hours and can work at maximum potential

  • Simple hacks to awaken spirituality

 -connect with inner self to attain peace and bliss in life.

Key features

  • Regular assessment and monitoring
  • Daily assignments
  • Individual guidance