Personalized Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

Food is one of the basic need and fundamental instinct that the body needs it for the nourishment.

It is rightly said that food is a medicine; improving the diet alone can treat all diseases. We need to be intelligent enough to choose proper food for long healthy life and give up whatever is harmful to the body.

It is proven that each person's needs vary according to his makeup, personality, and way of reacting to the situation around him. The amount of food requirement varies from day to day or even hour to hour, depending on one's emotional or mental state and the physical work.

What is a balanced Diet?

Most people have strong temptation and weakness for good and tasty foods, without caring much about the nutritional value of the food they eat. Refined, spicy, fried foods have no nutritional value and are harmful to our digestive system. As the wrong food causes many issues to our digestive system, the right food can cure any ailment.

Our food contains:

  1. Proteins
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fats
  4. Vitamins
  5. Natural Salts
  6. Roughage or Fibre
  7. Water

Each one of them is essential and interdependent for the proper functioning and nourishment of the body. Our food must have a balanced quantity of these elements for complete health.

According to the science of Yoga, the human body has to perform two primary functions. One is to nourish the body, and the other work is to cleanse the body by eliminating the waste matter. Therefore, we mustn't overload our stomachso much that our total energy is consumed in digesting the food only. That way, the life force is left with no time to pay attention to restoring health and healing unhealthy parts. We, therefore, should have a clear understanding of:

  1. What to eat?
  2. How much to eat?
  3. When to eat?
  4. How to eat?

Food alone is the best medicine for all living creatures because they have come into existence because of food alone. "Let us make the food the best medicine forour body. Eating less is good for health. If you eat more than what is needed, it is stored within you as toxic matter".

Bhagwad Gita says:

"Yoga is not possible for him who overeats, nor for him who does not eat at all." Both these extremes are symptomatic of identifying the body with sensation.

"Bhagwat Gita" also emphasizes the relinquishment of indulgence for food, hence condemns those who eat just for the sake of eating.

We offer personalized nutrition and diet plans and address a wide range of health problems, including Obesity, Diabetes, Cardio-vascular disease, digestive and other diseases.

At Anandabodh, we give great importance to good diet and nutrition habits, leading to an improvement in overall health. A healthy and balanced diet plan can reduce the risk for chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, PCODs etc.