Meditation Teacher Training Course

We invite all the people interested in learning the art and science of Meditation to join us in the journey of learning the sacred art of Pratyahara, Dharna, and Dhyana. The specially designed "Meditation TTC" is an intense and detailed course in spiritual awareness.

This course will not only help you to understand Meditation but also will help you to realize your true nature and potential. The course is specially formulated to give you a better understanding of yourself and your inner world.

This efficient, experiential and traditional training approach will allow you to go deeper into yourself to bring the best out of life and transmit it further. This program will enhance your spiritual experiences and give you new insight into the world of Meditation and Spirituality.
We offer you to join us in this spiritual journey, enabling you to guide others into their journey!!

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Course Content:

  • Gentle Meditative Asanas(Physical postures)
  • Pranayama(Breathing Techniques)
  • Bandhas(Psychic Locks)
  • Mudras(Psychic Gestures)
  • Mantras(Chants)
  • Techniques of Pratyahara(Withdrawal of senses)
  • Practices of Dharna(Concentration)
  • Practices of Dhyana(Meditation)
  • Psychology of Meditation
  • Teaching methodology and techniques

**This content is for general reference; slight changes might occur depending on the students' learning progress.

Duration: 100 hours
Venue: Online, Offline, or Mix of both
Course Fee: INR 30,000

**Seats are limited; we keep space for the people who pay first.
**Fees paid are strictly non-refundable.

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